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Our next rope-jump expedition for September 2016 is under preparation!
June 9, 2016

Our next rope-jump expedition for September 2016 is under preparation!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the moment has come to announce it!

Our next rope-jump expedition for September 2016 is under preparation, and this one will be a very special one!

Indeed we propose that one of you will take part with us in this adventure!
Help us to make this project come true and to share it with y'all through a dedicated film:

We propose you to support the filming of our project, all details inside.

Each donation is a chance to take part in this amazing project, and to perform your rope-jump from Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy, with around 400m of free-falling from one of the most iconic cliff in the world.

You can as well donate and register a friend to surprise him.
Your chances will logically increase by supporting several times.
Be attentive, you must choose 10$ PERK by link below if you want to be in.

Also, we offer the lucky winner 10 prior training jumps -for a total value of 1100 euros!!!- to prepare himself for this HUGE jump, at Rope Jumping Zone in Switzerland, or on Rock&Rope jumping spots in Ukraine, whichever is most appropriate to you!.

Rendezvous on 10th of July at 20:00 by CET (GMT+01) for the results! The winner will be selected online by a web randomiser.

Find below the conditions for you to participate:
We will give you our help for the climb up access, ensuring your safety before, during and after the jump from the tower. All expenses for your accommodation, food and transportation being on your own.
You must have a good and healthy condition in particular for the jump and the climbing access up to the exit point, being free from any heart diseases or pregnancy or any other medical condition preventing to safely practice the climbing and rope-jump activities. A medical certificate will be asked accordingly.
We, Rock&Rope Jumping Team and Pyrénaline team, reserve the right to refuse a person willing to jump, in particular but not limited to, further to the evaluation of some inadequate and/or hazardous facts, conditions and/or behavior.
keep in mind that this is mountain environment, making us depend on weather conditions which are not under our control, also coaching and jumping can take some time. So plan at least 1 week for this.
one opportunity will be given to the winner for his/her jump, in case his/her mental status (vertigo, afraid of heights, sickness or so) does not allow the jump to be performed safely during this opportunity the prize will not be transferable to another event or used later except otherwise decided by the people in charge.
the prize cannot be sold but obviously you can offer it to someone else if you want to surprise them émoticône wink .. (boyfriend, girlfriend, relative, anyone!).