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Climbing Technology

Click Up Kit

The Click Up is an innovative belay device developed for sport climbing. It is simple to use and its innovative design has safety features that prevent mistakes. Easy to use, intuitive and safe, it is extremely lightweight and compact. It presents many advantages:
it allows you to quickly and fluidly feed rope without jamming (fig. 1);
it allows to arrest a fall simply by pull down the free hand of the rope (fig. 2);
it operates without the need to act on levers and moving parts (fig. 3);
especially suitable for beginners and children because intuitive and error-proof.
TOTAL USE SAFETY! The final, but most fundamental feature, is in the case of incorrect use. Should the device be used incorrectly, the Click Up continues to allow you to break and lower your partner in complete safety, thanks to the V-shaped braking notches present. This is the most appreciated feature, as it avoids several mistakes that can happen during the use of belay devices while climbing, both indoors or outdoors. It makes the Click Up the right belay device for rock climbing schools and climbing gyms. (fig. 4);
The Click Up is supplied and must be used with the proper HMS Concept SGL HC (Ref. No. 2C3380L SYB) carabiner with hard-coated wear-proof anodization and ACL system that prevents the possibility of the cross loading.
Patented and entirely produced in Italy.