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    Alexey Bokoch
    Live fast, die old!
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    Can everything!
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    Eh, Rock&Rope is not the same, as it was...
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That’s us!

We are Rock&Rope Jumping Team, we specialize in jumping using belay ropes system known as rope-jumping. Rope-jumping enables even untrained person to safely experience full spectrum of extreme emotions jumping from static objects (bridges, rocks, cliffs, buildings). We started our jumping lifestyle in the year 2000 in Zaporozhye. In 2010 in Norway we became holders of the world rope-jumping record in depth of free falling. Our team is constantly searching for new objects for jumping and improves technical side of the rope-jumping technique. We also regularly hold open rope-jumping trainings and various sport events where you can become one of us, one of rope-jumpers.

our story
France. Aiglun
France. Aiglun
October, 2019
 Jordan. Wadi Rum Desert
Jordan. Wadi Rum Desert


December, 2018
Croatia. Imotski. Red Lake
Croatia. Imotski. Red Lake

 The height of the exit is 168 meters. The potential height is 325 meters. That is, we will return!

May, 2018
Dnieper. New building "Panorama"
Dnieper. New building "Panorama"

Neighboring building with what was hopped a year earlier. A little higher)





April, 2017
 Kharkiv. 13-storey building
Kharkiv. 13-storey building

The height of the building is 62 meters. Near the metro, we jump almost a whole year, through the weekend

March, 2017
Pervomaisk. Chimney 126 meters
Pervomaisk. Chimney 126 meters

Another high industrial exit near Kharkov

July, 2016
Dnieper. Residential complex "Panorama"

 The first in Ukraine and rope-jumps and highline on the residential complex.

April, 2016
 Kropiwnicky. Hotel Tourist
Kropiwnicky. Hotel Tourist

A functioning hotel in the city center with a 41-meter-tall rope-jumping


February, 2016