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That’s us!

We are Rock&Rope Jumping Team, we specialize in jumping using belay ropes system known as rope-jumping. Rope-jumping enables even untrained person to safely experience full spectrum of extreme emotions jumping from static objects (bridges, rocks, cliffs, buildings). We started our jumping lifestyle in the year 2000 in Zaporozhye. In 2010 in Norway we became holders of the world rope-jumping record in depth of free falling. Our team is constantly searching for new objects for jumping and improves technical side of the rope-jumping technique. We also regularly hold open rope-jumping trainings and various sport events where you can become one of us, one of rope-jumpers.

our story
Ukraine. Residential complex "Panorama"

 The first in Ukraine and rope-jumps and highline on the residential complex.

April, 2016
Greece. Navagio bay

Together with the French team Pyrenaline we have done an excellent two-way jumps on Zakynthos, and Americans from Davin Supertramp filmed this gorgeous short movie.

October, 2015
Zaporozhye. Tube.
Zaporozhye. Tube.
July, 2014
Spain. Mont Rebei.

New world record in Rope-jumping. 330 freefall and 425 total fall!

May, 2014
We jump from bridge on Bug river
We jump from bridge on Bug river
April, 2014
Bridge pillars in Krivoi Rog
Bridge pillars in Krivoi Rog
February, 2014
Greece. Meteora
Greece. Meteora

Rock towers of Meteora, with the monasteries on their tops - the legendary and amaizing place in Greece.

November, 2013
Greece. Aradena George.
Greece. Aradena George.

We have found a virgin, nobody-jumped-before exit in Aradena Gorge on Crete island.

November, 2013